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corflutes and screenprinting

Corflutes are a light but strong temporary sign. They can be used inside or out.  Their main purpose has been for Real Estate "For Sale" signs but they can be used for many different purposes.  Corflutes are often the cheapest sign option, so when price matters they are a good option.  They are hardwearing and can be used over and over again.  When you have more then 25 signs it is best to have them screenprinted as it reduces the cost.

Sizes:                Small 450 x 600mm
                          Medium 600 x 900mm 
                          Large 900 x 1200mm               
                          Custom make any size you require.
                          We can do 1 corflute or large quanities (10 000's) of corflute what every you need.
                          Corflute Cut Out - Any shape and sizes, including models (see image Sarah Jessica Parker below) 
                          Cut outs great idea for events or party.

Style:                3mm, 5mm and 8mm Corflute (we find 5mm is the best for most situations)

Colours:            White and Black (extra cost but also available red, blue, yellow, and green)

Message:           Vinyl, Digital OR Screenprinting

For your free quote please call 07 5520 7911 or Enquire Now or Shop Sign A Rama Design Approve Purchase Real Estate Signs Online

Blank Corflute:    We find from time to time our customers need blank corflute with no signage we can help with this.
                             Sizes: 2440x1200mm Sheet $44, 1220x1220mm Large $38.50,
                                        900x1200mm Medium $33, 900x600mm Small $22 (prices incl GST) 

Optional Extras:  Grass spikes photos towards the end (grass spike, mega spike, f spike, seinfork, Free standing 
                             sign holder) For more detail on spikes click here
                             Stakes photos at the end (single and bundles of stakes)
                             Stickers maybe something else you may need (eg SOLD)


It is always a pleasure to walk into Sign a Rama.  All your staff are extremely welcoming, not just a hello, but they seem to want to please you as a customer and business associate.

As far as signs go, well, the calls I get from my new car signs and corflutes say it all.

I commend you for keeping the integrity alive throughout your industry and your organisation.  You are someone I am proud to say I know and recommend.

Sincere thanks Margie for all your help and inspiration.

Kind regards
Leanne Irvine
Customer Home Designs





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