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Leave the car at home 12 October |07 Oct 2011 < Return to news summary

12 October 2011 – Ride 2 Work Day

Ride to Work is a national program that encourages workers to feel good and have fun by commuting to work by bike. Bicycle Queensland is excited to be part of a program that promotes the health, financial and environmental benefits of riding.

Each year, the program is bought into focus by national Ride to Work Day.
Why do it?
While Australia is stuck in peak hour, the Ride to Work Day program is helping Australian workers embrace an affordable, hassle and carbon emission free mode of transport. The free program assists those wanting to try riding to work as an alternative mode of transport which can ease the pressures of modern life.

You save money, your health and your peace of mind. You arrive to work energised, and arrive home unwound from the day.

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Tony is already in the spirit and riding to work this week.  Margie and Peter will be riding on wednesday, are you going to ride?