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 Central Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce

Margie Gardner – Sign A Rama Marketing Manager

– Active Member

(2005-2010 Vice President)

 Creek to Creek chamber          

Margie Gardner – Sign A Rama Marketing Manager

– Active Member


SEA Networking Group 

(Support, encourage and appreciate each other business)

Margie Gardner – Sign A Rama Marketing Manager

(2005 – 2010 President, Vice President and other roles)

Rotary Burleigh Heads

Margie Gardner – Sign A Rama Marketing Manager



 Rainbow Bay Surf Life Saving Club

 Peter and Margie Gardner 

– Active Volunteer Surf Life Savers



Never under estimate the power of networking.  Margie has put so much time and effort into her networking over the last 5 years in taking up President, Vice President and various roles over the the years within in BNI and Chamber of Commerce.  This year with a focus on some changes Margie has resigned from her positions to take up other ventures but take a look at the testimonials and kind words people had to say:

I also just wanted to say that even though I’ve only been at BNI Neptune for a few months, it was really enjoyable having you as part of the chapter.  You always walked in with a smile and kept the atmosphere lively, so thanks for your part in helping to make Tuesday morning’s friendly and enjoyable.  Dan Stoked on Design 3/2/2011

I just thought that I would put this out officially, I have accepted Margie’s resignation and we have spoken about it at length.  I want to personally thank Margie for all the effort that she has put into the chamber, both before the merger, through the merger and after the merger.  The chamber has no doubt been better because of her involvement and she will be sorely missed.  Margie still will be along to some of our events and so on. but with the shoe on the other foot which she is fondly looking forward to, back to the enjoying the event as apposed to co-ordinating it.  I wish Margie all the best with everything else that is on her plate for the new year and look forward to catching up soon.  Jason Deacon Logical Choice IT 4/2/2011

Margie … You have given 110% on anything and everything you have done for the chamber and like Jason said, it would not have the life breathed into it that is does without your flair and friendly/ welcoming nature.  You have not only shone in your own right, but helped grow the membership by making so many people/business’s feel like they belong at Central GC.

Your feedback as a customer more so these days Jason will always be welcomed as you always have nothing but constructive information to convey with the chamber’s best interests at heart in everything you do. Marcus Play more golf 4/2/2011

Hi Margie As you know I sent you an email when I first hear of your resignation but I would like repeat the gist of it for all the committee.  Very sorry to hear this.  The chamber committee needs you and representation of Burleigh.  You have given extraordinary service to both the Burleigh and Central Chamber over the years in your time, management skills and personal commitment and your presence with be sorely missed in the chamber committee.  The work you did and your contribution to the amalgamation was outstanding.  All the best to you.  We will miss you and certainly hope to see you at events where you can now just enjoy being there.  Roger Mayfield Accountants 4/2/2011

Thanks Margie, for all your hard work and support for the chamber over the years.  We will miss you and wish you the best for the future.  Roy Digital Dreams 4/2/2011

I’m really sorry you’ve made this decision Mags but can understand Glamour Pusses won’t be the same without you!!  You were the wind beneath my wings dear friend!  I realised on your judgement so much coz you are an amazing networker.  Thanks so much for all your help last year.  Prue Glamour Pusses 4/2/2011