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Drink up! The SourceBottle Alert |30 Oct 2011 < Return to news summary

Article recently appeared on the SourceBottle website.

The secret to branding success?

Ask Coke how they aced ‘the Pepsi Challenge’.  It was great branding that led people, after saying they preferred the taste of Pepsi in a blind tasting, to still buy Coke.  (What?!) And today’s sponsor can help you harness that power too.

SIGNARAMA = signage.  They don’t do anything else. Which means they’re REALLY (really!) good at it and happy to guide you on the best solutions for your needs.  In fact it just makes sense to ask them what works best since they make brands ‘pop’ EVERY SINGLE DAY, with signage to suit any event or space.

So dump those tired old signs you’re almost embarrassed to display. Call SIGNARAMA and let them help you put your brand in lights!