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Look out for National Sunnies Day |08 Nov 2011 < Return to news summary

Imagine living in a world without sight…

This is now the alarming reality for so many people, young and old. Direct exposure to sunlight during childhood has been associated with two of the most feared eye health conditions in Australia – blindness and cancer.

In fact, eye disorders are the most common long term health issues experienced by children, in addition to asthma and allergies.

The Queensland Eye Institute is working with people from all walks of life every day to prevent blindness and preserve their sight.

To see if you can get involved click on the following link and remember all money raised on “National Sunnies Day” goes direct to research.

For more information visit the Prevent Blindness Foundation Website.

We have some amazing Clients including Harmony Vision Care who are specialists in protecting our Children’s vision future.

If you visit their website they have some really interesting information including real life success stories.

Check out our website page on Kids and Home signage for some colourful ideas to inspire your children.