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Our new website is live! |23 Jan 2015 < Return to news summary

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, big changes have been taking place around Signarama as of late. We’re thrilled to have our new-look website up and running.

The whole experience has been a lesson to us about the importance of a step-by-step process when instituting a rebrand which has reminded us of one of our favourite resources: The Signarama 6 Guidelines to Getting Your Rebrand Right

Indeed, our experience has only reinforced the importance of using a system for rebranding, so we wanted to reemphasise the importance to you.

Let us be your inspiration!

We have recently undergone the exact same process. Not only will we provide you with this rebranding guide free of charge, we will use it to help you through your own rebrand, peppered in with our own, very personal experiences.

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