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Signarama Burleigh Heads - Illuminated Signage 

Illuminated Signs

The sheer brilliance we can build into illuminated and electronic signs makes them the reigning champions when it comes to gaining maximum business exposure.

With operations in over 50 countries, we have access to advanced systems for illuminated awnings, light boxes, neon, fabricated letters and LED displays. 

Illuminated Light Boxes

Consisting of a sign cabinet with fluorescent tube lights. Acrylic or flex face panels with translucent graphics are fixed to the one or both faces.

Illuminated Letters

Fabricated individual letters can be illuminated in serveral ways. Translucent faces wil show the illumination from the front. The letters can also have non translucent faces. Space mounting from the wall allows the light to spill out the back. Both effects can be combined, as well as a range of other special techniques we can use to produce stunning illuminated graphics. This type of signage is ideal for high end retail or corporate applications.

Flex Face Illuminated Sign Face

Used for large illuminated sign boxes where a continuous, join-free surface is required and acrylic sheeting is not suitable option. Best for wind resistance.

Neon Signs 

Suited to interior an exterior use. Two types of neon are available; Standard (Blue & Red) or Coloured Glas with around 30 colours, which is more expensive but gives a richer colour. Three sizes of neon tube are available: 9mm for tight curves such as script, 12mm for general work and 15mm for larger lettering etc.

Creating maximum impact

You can enhance the effectiveness of your sign wit just 2 simple steps;

  1. Adding a border to focus attention on your sign helps viewers read it 26% faster
  2. Presenting speial information in a second colour increases memorability by 78%. You can make the most important part of your sign jump out - a phone number or key word - by using an accent colour.


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