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  • Overview

Braille and Tactile signs come as standard sign or we can customise these for you.  The standard colours are shown below blue background with white or silver metallic background with black. 

The Building Code of Australia requires certain signage to include information in an embossed (tactile) form and also in braille.  The BCA also provided specifications for how Braille and Tactile signs are to made, as well as where they should be placed ease of use.  These signs are to meet Australian Standards: AS 1428.1-2002, conform to the Unified Braille Code and conform to the Buidling Code of Australia D3.6.  The BCA does not limit the use of these signs.

The Building Code of Australia requires signs to have a 30% luminance/contrast. Reverse engraved signage does not comply with BCA standards.  We have a Good Sign Practices guide in the office if you need further information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Types:                Unisex Toilet
                           Toilets (Airlock or Corridor Entry)
                           Male Toilet
                           Female Toilet
                           Unisex Accessible Toilet
                           Unisex Assessible Toilet and Baby Change
                           Parents Room

 Sizes:               180 x 180mm Standard size but we can customise if required


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