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Industry jargon

You’ll avoid time-consuming misunderstandings and expensive mistakes if you spend time getting to grips with at least the basic terms involved in the printing and design approval processes.

Jargon Jargon Jargon


Alteration: The change in copy or specifications after production has begun

Bleed: Printing that goes to the edge of the sheet after trimming

Crop Marks: Printing lines showing where to trim a printed sheet

Laminating: A thin transparent plastic coating applied to paper or board to provide protection and give it a glossy or matt finish

Gloss: A shiny look that reflects light


Matt: A finish with little or no sheen that absorbs light


Spot varnish: Varnish used to hightlight a specific part of the printed sheet. Can be gloss or matt

PMS: The abbreviation for Pantone Color Matching System – and something to make everyone have a laugh…….