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Brand Strategy Guide

Because your brand is the most powerful asset you  have. Click here for your free download  
10 tips for avoiding epic event fails

Ten tips that you should keep in mind if you want to avoid the dreaded event fail.   Click here for your free download
Does Your Logo break these 10 rules?

In order to get your audience to recognise your company, distinguish it from others and remember it, you have to have a logo that meets certain criteria. Click here to download.

Our Designer

Kyle is our Designer.  He’s fully qualified with a Diploma in Graphic Design (100% in last exam showing his dedication and ability) and is Trades Qualified Signwriter with over 8 years in the industry.   Kyle understands signage and this enable him to design great designs for signs. Re-designing your logo or starting from scratch we can organise all […]
Design tools

When it comes to marketing it pays to know what else is going on in your community, so we have now also included these great tools to help you keep up to speed with Celebration Days & Public Holidays, Gold Coast Major Events, and School holidays.   DESIGNING YOUR SIGN What would you like to […]

Industry jargon

You’ll avoid time-consuming misunderstandings and expensive mistakes if you spend time getting to grips with at least the basic terms involved in the printing and design approval processes. Jargon Jargon Jargon   Alteration: The change in copy or specifications after production has begun Bleed: Printing that goes to the edge of the sheet after trimming Crop Marks: […]
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