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Signarama Burleigh Heads - 3D Signage using OUR Impact THUNDER CNC Router 

When people see something in 3D, it really makes an impact. Signarama is all about putting your brand out there, and our 3D signs will do just that.

3D letters & logos give a dynamic message of quality with their clean lines, refined expression, and boldness. Brand differentiation is achieved by combining different materials and effects, including material finish and selection, shadow and halo effects, and illumination. Drive your marketing message further.

Acrylic or PVC

Routered or lasercut lettering and graphics. Some standard colours are available or letters can be spray painted to produce specific colours. Fabricated acrylic letters can be lit with Neon or LED lights for 24-hour outdoor visibility.

MDF, PVC and Plywood

Routered or lasercut lettering and graphics. Spray painted finish, acrylic or adhesive vinyl applied to the face with painted edges.

Polystyrene Letters and Logos

Mainly for interior display or thick exterior signage. Urethane foam can be used for exterior projects. Paint or vinyl is applied.

Aluminium, Copper and Brass

Can be router cut, laser cut or cast then flush fitted to any surface. Anodising or powercoating gives different effects to the finished surface. For a greater 3 Dimensional effect, letters can be raised off the surface.

Fabricated Letters and Logos

Fabricated letters and logos are hollow inside. Usually made from aluminium or stainless steel, you can have a range of finishes. These can be internally illuminated. Front lit is where the light comes out of the front of the sign, backlit gives a halo effect where the sign is space mounted with light spilling from the sign to the back panel.

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