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At Sign A Rama Burleigh we try and help you in every possible way in any area to do with signs.  So if you need stencils you don't need to look any further.  We can assist with Brass Interlocking Stencil sets and Zinc Stencils sets along with the spray ink can's.  If you don't want a standard kit we can organise to have a custom made stencil for you.

Stencils:            Brass Interlocking Stencil Sets and Zinc Stencils sets are solvent resistant.
                          A-Z and 0-9 100mm are available as a "Do it yourself" kit.  Convenient, heavy duty interlocking
                          stencils, ideal for those jobs where the wording is constantly changing.  Simply select the 
                          letters and numbers and interlock the snug fitting letters together.  They will not slip apart 
                          when using so you can be assured of a professional finish each time.

                         Also available in 25 to 150mm  if you require alternative sizes

                         Spray Ink Can 350g
                         Stencil Spray Ink has been specially formulated for stencil applications.  The unique formulation
                         minimises build up when using on stencils.  Fast drying, lightfast and economical to use 350g can.

                         Available in White and Yellow


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